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Building an rt kernel on debian 10

These are the minimum steps required to recompile the kernel for real time support on Debian versions 10.+.

  • Install base Debian netinst 10.3.0
  • sudo apt install build-essential bc bison flex libncurses-dev libssl-dev libelf-dev
  • get rt patch 4.19.106-rt45
  • download/extract linux kernel sources matching rt patch version
  • cat /boot/config-$(uname -r) >  .config
  • xzcat ../patch-4.19.106-rt45.patch.xz | patch -p1 --verbose
  • make menuconfig
  • General setup -> Preemption Model -> Fully Preemptible Kernel (RT)
  • nano .config
Modify .config to remove key signing
  • make -j32
  • Press enter when queried regarding signing key
  • sudo make modules_install -j32
  • sudo make install -j32
  • reboot
  • uname -mrs
  • Enjoy :)